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Resource Utilization Groups III (RUG-III) (34-Group) Grouping Methodology: Flowcharts, SAS Code and CMI Values, CCRS Version Core

The Resource Utilization Groups version III (RUG-III) methodology is used within the Continuing Care Reporting System (CCRS). It assigns continuing care assessments to Resource Utilization Groups using RAI-MDS 2.0 assessment data and appropriate Case Mix Index (CMI) values.

CIHI supports 2 versions of the RUG-III grouping methodology and associated CMI values. RUG-III (44-group) can be applied to all data in CCRS. RUG-III (34-group) is applicable to only Ontario long-term care data in CCRS.

Elements included:

Please note that the RUG-III 34-group grouping methodology and CMI values for 2016–2017 are the most up-to-date versions.

Quebec clients selecting this product will be billed separately (it is not available as part of the Quebec Core Plan).  For more information, email help@cihi.ca

Available Reports

CCRS RUG-III (34-Group) Grouping Methodology and CMI Values (2016-2017)
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English Electronic $120/$240 View

CCRS RUG-III (34 Group) Grouping Methodology and CMI values (2015-2016)
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English Electronic $120/$240 View



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