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Most Canadian health care facilities have access to a set of CIHI information products and services. These products and services are part of a Core Plan subscription with CIHI or through a bilateral agreement between CIHI and the respective ministry of health. In addition, CIHI offers a number of products and services, at no additional charge, to regional health authorities (or similar organizations) and ministries of health for jurisdictions covered by a bilateral agreement.

Core Plan products are designated with CORE. Facilities under the plan receive the set of products and services for a fixed price.

Clients who use CIHI services less frequently are covered on a price-per-service basis. Prices are listed in the catalogue as either Price A or Price B.

The products in the PDF format are generally offered with unlimited access to Core Plan subscribers via our website. Where products are provided outside the Core Plan or to non–Core Plan subscribers, prices for this format will normally represent a discounted price compared to the equivalent paper product.

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