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The Practicing Physician Community in Canada: Workforce and Workload Core

This report focuses on physicians who practice clinical medicine and bill fee-for-service. It does not provide a head count of physicians, regardless of their activities, who are licensed in Canada. It should, therefore, be relevant to the current dialogue addressing adequacy of physician availability for clinical service needs, timely access to required services, waiting periods, etc.

The current physician workforce debate should revolve around the effective supply of physicians for clinical needs, not around hypothetical available supply since many physicians have responsibilities outside of clinical-care areas in administration, teaching, research and in other business ventures.

There are many factors that influence physician workload, workflow and output, such as gender, age, specialty, size of community, place of graduation, clinical demands, number of physicians, as well as personal considerations. It is important to understand how the sum of these factors yields an effective physician workforce.

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The Practicing Physician Community in Canada, 1989/1990 to 1998/1999
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