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The Cost of Hospital Stays: Why Costs Vary Core

Hospitals are a vital part of Canada's health care system and in 2007 accounted for about 28% of total health spending. Acute inpatient care tends to account for the majority of hospital costs. CIHI collects information and reports on many aspects of the health care system-including hospital costs and other health expenditures-and, to that end, develops tools to assist those in resource allocation decision-making positions in Canadian hospitals.

This report demonstrates how a particular patient grouping/case mix methodology (CMG+) can be used to determine relative costs in acute care inpatient hospitals for typical patients (that is, patients who receive the normal or predicted course of treatment associated with a particular case mix group). This information is valuable for comparing costs across programs and across hospitals. An appendix of average costs associated for all case mix groups by major clinical category (MCC) is provided at the end of the report.

Contact: healthreports@cihi.ca

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The Cost of Hospital Stays: Why Costs Vary
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