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Development of National Indicators and Reports for Home Care, Phase II - Final Project Report  Core

To help address the growing need across Canada for timely and accurate information on home care services, CIHI carried out a project to develop National Indicators and Reports for Home Care.

The Development of National Indicators and Reports for Home Care Phase II - Final Project Report, published in 2004, provides information and results from the second and final phase of this project (the enhancement of the set of indicators developed during Phase 1) and the development and pilot testing of a clinical and administrative minimum reporting data set to populate the indicators. Data were collected on over 2,000 home care clients in six pilot health regions across Canada.

The report contains background information on how the pilot test was carried out and how the collected data were analyzed; it also documents the lessons learned about the issues and challenges in standardizing home-care information across Canada.


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Development of National Indicators and Reports for Home Care, Phase II - Final Project Report
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