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Bridging the Communications Gap Between Researchers and Policy-Makers Core

"You say 'to-may-to(e)' and I say 'to-mah-to(e)'": Bridging the Communication Gap Between Researchers and Policy-Makers is a proceedings report of a national workshop on youth at risk sponsored by CPHI in cooperation with the Canadian Adolescent At Risk Research Network (CAARRN) based at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. The workshop was held in February 2004 and involved CPHI-funded researchers and decision-makers focusing on the issue of Canadian youth at risk from a population health perspective.

The goals of the workshop were to improve understanding of the policy-development process and the importance of research as part of that process, to assist researchers in developing policy implications of research findings, to facilitate the development of a pan-Canadian research network investigating aspects of youth health and to promote linkages and exchange between CPHI-funded researchers and decision-makers in this area.

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Bridging the Communications Gap Between Researchers and Policy-Makers
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