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Mentally Healthy Communities: Aboriginal Perspectives Core

In this collection of papers, the authors explore the questions "What are mentally healthy communities?"and "What makes some communities more mentally healthy or resilient than others?" The Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI) commissioned these papers from experts to explore the above-noted questions with a focus on Aboriginal communities in Canada. This collection is intended to foster discussion of the complex ways in which individual, social, cultural, physical and socio-economic determinants may affect Aboriginal Peoples' individual and community mental health.

These papers present perspectives on topics in Aboriginal mental health from research, clinical practice, program and policy settings. The authors emphasize the potential of culture, including language, values and ancestral law, in supporting mental health. They highlight the importance of culture among young Aboriginal Canadians and of recognizing diversity in service delivery.

This collection, which supplements a previous release in 2008 - Mentally Healthy Communities: A Collection of Papers - complements CPHI's work in the theme area of determinants of mental health and resilience.

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Mentally Healthy Communities: Aboriginal Perspectives
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