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HIG Client Tables 2017 Core

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Date: Apr 3, 2017 Price A/B: Free
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The Health Based Allocation Model (HBAM) Inpatient Group (HIG) Client Tables provide common case mix information in a format that can be used for analysis. The tables include the Estimated Length of Stay (ELOS) and Weight indicators by methodology year, as well as a list of HIGs.

The HIG package includes the following tables in addition to a file with descriptions of variables:

  • HIG Title: English long and short HIG descriptions and codes
  • HIG AGE Title: English descriptions of the five HIG age categories
  • HIG Age ELOS Weight: ELOS and Weight adjustments for each age category and HIG combination
  • Atypical Weight Title: English atypical descriptions and codes
  • Atypical Weight: ELOS, Weight and per diem adjustment for atypical (death, transfer, short stay, long stay and sign-out) cases
  • Base ELOS Weight: Base ELOS, Weight, per-diem and long-stay per diem values by HIG comorbidity
  • Event ELOS Weight: ELOS, Weight and per diem adjustments for intervention event cases
  • Flagged Intervention ELOS Weight: ELOS, Weight and per diem adjustments for flagged intervention cases
  • OOH ELOS Weight: ELOS, Weight and per diem adjustments for out-of-hospital (OOH) intervention cases

This package is available in English only.


HIG Client Tables

HIG Client Tables 2017 Core

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This product is currently unavailable. Please contact the orderdesk for more information.


HIG Client Tables


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